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The “Bullwhip Effect” on Rail

Between Coronavirus, supply chain slow-downs, and an encroaching recession, we’re entering a perfect storm of “inventory drawdown.” As FreightWaves puts it, we’re bracing for a “bullwhip effect."

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Visibility with RailState: It’s Time for Rail to Join the Visibility Game

When it comes to the railroad: you can trace your car and get an estimated ETA based on system average statistics, likely from two or three weeks ago. Unlike the other modes of transportation, there aren’t real-time updates on what

Rail 101 Part Two: Switching and Blocking Cars for Outbound Movement on Manifest Trains

Part two of this course describes the process of switching and blocking cars for outbound movement on manifest trains.

The Effect of Visibility on Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal shipping: moving freight via two or more modes of transportation.

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