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Chart of grain meltdown september 20
Canadian Grain Rail Capacity Report – 9/21/2...

With a larger grain harvest expected this year, our clients and others are concerned about rail capacity at Vancouver.

Freight Service Lacking for Chemical Shippers

Chemical shippers have yet to see rail service improvements, according to Freightwaves. A poll showed that forty-six-percent of shippers agree that service delays seem to be getting worse, with issues like longer transit times, missed switches, increased demurrage charges, reduced

How Teck Resources Limited Responded to Disruptions with RailState's Network Visibility Data
Case Study: How Teck Resources Limited Responded t...

We’re excited to share our case study on the work we did with Canadian steelmaking coal and sustainability leader, Teck Resources Limited!

Map of sensor locations in Canada
RailState’s Demo is LIVE!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve posted our UI Demo Tutorial video to the website! This video is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the RailState product —the data we collect on the rail network, how to

The Gap in Data “Tracking”

We posted about a blog from Supply Chain Dive called “Tracking the speed, dwell and cars of Class I railroads.” Supply Chain Dive periodically updates this article with “up-to-date” statistics on certain railroads across North America.

The Role of Data in Intermodal Visibility

Supply Chain Dive posted an article stating that carrier data is key to solving “intermodal visibility issues.”

Picture of a black hole in space
White Paper:
“Is the Railroad Network Re...

Our Co-Founder and CCO, John Schmitter, took pen to paper to discuss an ever-pressing question within the rail industry: is it really a “black hole”?

BNSF Permit Embargo and the Need for Network Visib...

California has been a hotspot for congestion and service delays, and conditions have yet to let up. Last week, BNSF railway issued a permit embargo on select westbound shipments to California.

STB Hearings Highlight Need for Rail Network Visib...

You’ve probably heard about the recent Surface Transportation Board hearings regarding railroad service improvements. The complaints are ample, and there’s a consistent theme: the rail industry is in dire need of network visibility.

Network Visibility comparison trucks, planes, ships, railways
Visibility with RailState: It’s Time for Rail to...

When it comes to the railroad: you can trace your car and get an estimated ETA based on system average statistics, likely from two or three weeks ago. Unlike the other modes of transportation, there aren’t real-time updates on what

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Chart of grain meltdown september 20
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