Do you know what's up ahead? With RailState, you will.

The ONLY product delivering unbiased, third-party data on freight railway network conditions, performance, priority, and volume.

Looking down the tracks what's ahead

Filling the Supply Chain
Visibility Gap

Every other transportation mode allows for network visibility.

You can see the location of every plane, ship, and truck. When it comes to the railroad?

You can only see the location of your car. That’s changing, thanks to RailState.

RailState Provides
Rail Network Visibility
and Gives You . . .

Rail Network Conditions Icon

Rail Network Conditions

Our data tells you the real-time current velocity, train volume, train mix, and train priority on the specific rail segments you care about.

Commodity Data Icon

Commodity Data

Our data shows you how many shipments are moving on the rail network, where they are, and where the flow might be disrupted.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Our business intelligence tools use machine learning and AI to provide forward-looking insights into what to expect on the rail network. Just when you need to plan your next move.

Who is RailState For?

  • Rail

  • Commodity

  • Ports &

  • Governments
  • Financial Analysts
    and More . . .

For Rail Shippers

Gain insight into real-time rail
network conditions and performance
to improve planning

For Commodity Traders

Understand the locations, volume,
and movement of the commodities
you care about

For Ports & Terminals

Monitor in real-time, with unbiased data,
the train and commodity flows heading your way,
and see any network disruptions

For Governments

Take control of your rail data and monitor network
conditions and disruptions in real-time, without
additional regulatory mandates and burden for the railways

For Financial Analysts and more . . .

Understand network performance, volume,
congestion, car, and commodity flow
in real-time and track trends

Our Coverage Area

The locations in blue are currently active.
Locations in green will be online in the coming weeks.

We are quickly expanding coverage across Canada and into the United States.

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