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We’re excited to announce that we’ve posted our UI Demo Tutorial video to the website! This video is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the RailState product — the data we collect on the rail network, how to navigate it, and what’s available to our subscribers.

Our data is unparalleled in terms of its overall insights. Knowing what’s up ahead — in terms of both congestion and capacity — provides you with planning options, whether you’re a shipper, commodity trader, government, port or terminal, financial analyst, or anyone else who relies on rail. We help you optimize your supply chain, with visibility that goes beyond the car tracking level. We gather data on the transit time, direction, speed, type and number (for each car and container), and the UN number of each train. We track every train that passes our sensors, building an enormous traffic database. Our machine learning and AI capabilities then create predictive analytics for all train movements.

The bottom line? The data we offer isn’t available any other way.

If there’s a washout, a derailment, or some event along one of your routes that affects service, you can decide which option(s) you’d like to exercise. Do you hold your next shipment, switch to truck, divert the cars already in route? With this data, you have information to make decisions. You can also keep your customers informed on your shipments, which ultimately improves customer service.

Interested in our data but not exactly sure how you’d use it? We’re finding more use cases for our data every day, and would love to discuss options with you. Schedule a guided demo with one of our team members, or reach out for a meeting.

In the meantime, check out our case studies, to learn more about how we’ve helped clients optimize their supply chains. 


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