How Teck Resources Limited Responded to Disruptions with RailState's Network Visibility Data

We’re excited to share our case study on the work we did with Canadian steelmaking coal and sustainability leader, Teck Resources Limited: “Managing Through Unprecedented Interruptions to the Canadian Supply Chain: How Teck Resources Limited Responded to Disruptions with RailState’s Network Visibility Data.”

Teck was an early RailState customer, and they subscribed with the goal of gaining operational insights, both during “normal” times, as well as periods of disruption. RailState’s data (along with other data) helped Teck navigate two major disruptions: the Lytton, BC fires in summer, 2021, and the British Columbia washouts in winter, 2021. Our timely updates provided Teck with the network visibility they weren’t receiving from any other source. Our data allowed Teck to make informed decisions, which led to significant economic benefits, as well as supply chain optimization.

Teck continues to use our data, and the increased network visibility proves useful, even during “normal” periods.

Download the full case study:

Download Case Study

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