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EBook: The Importance of Quality Data for Managing Freight Rail Operations

Learn about the available rail data sources, their benefits and drawbacks, and how the industry has been missing a crucial type of data to help with proactive management of rail operations. That missing data is visibility across the whole rail network. With true network visibility, planning can be optimized, opportunities seized, and losses minimized.


Case Study: The Importance of Railcar Visibility

Find out how a major Forest Products producer used RailState’s data to identify the major flows of boxcars all over Canada. They then used this information for forecasting empty car supply, which saved them costly shipping delays, resulting in improved service, better utilized assets, and added capacity, without additional capital investment.


Presentation: Rail Capacity in Canada

Given to the Coal Association of Canada. RailState Co-Founder John Schmitter breaks down how managing a supply chain is not just about seeing where current shipments are but having the foresight to understand the capacity for future shipments.


Case Study: How Teck Resources Limited Responded to Disruptions with RailState’s Network Visibility Data

Read how our data allowed Teck to make informed decisions during rail crises, which led to significant economic benefits, as well as supply chain optimization.


White Paper:
RailState Data on Train Volume During a Crisis

When crises strike, railways and shippers need answers fast. How has the average number of passing trains been affected along each line? What percent of pre-crisis level operations are still intact? And, once the crisis settles, how are railways affected on qualitative levels?

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Case Study: How Teck Resources Limited Responded to Disruptions with RailState’s Network Visibility Data

We’re excited to share our case study on the work we did with Canadian steelmaking coal and sustainability leader, Teck Resources Limited!

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