Southbound Traffic to the US, CP and CN April 2023
Traffic Report: Cross Border, April 2023

Total southbound traffic from Canada was 134,124 cars in February, 139,283 in March, and 138,996 in April. CN commands the majority of that traffic, 62.4% of total southbound traffic over the past three months. This is higher than the proportion

Traffic to Western Ports Region CN and CP February March and April
Traffic Report: Western Ports, April 2023

Import traffic into the ports of Vancouver and Ridley eclipsed traffic moving westbound into the ports region in April, with 143,173 carloads coming into Canada compared to 138,194 moving toward the ports, a 4,974 car difference.

May Intermodal Traffic Container Volume through Vancouver
Traffic Report: Intermodal, Mid-May 2023

For the period May 1-15, 30,109 intermodal containers originated in Vancouver, resulting in a daily average volume of 2,007 containers per day. This represents a 10% increase in the daily average volume from April.

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