We’re excited to announce the launch of our first video! “Introducing, RailState.”

In this brief video, we summarize the visibility gaps in the rail industry, and how RailState provides unprecedented network visibility to the rail industry. Check out the video and transcript below!

Rail transportation is critical to supply chains across North America, with over 1.7B tons and roughly $25B spent each year.

And yet, shippers, commodity traders, government agencies, financial analysts, and everyone else who relies on rail have no visibility into the rail network as a whole. People can see where their cars are, but they can’t see the bigger picture.

That’s where we come in. We’re RailState: the only source for unbiased, third-party data on freight Railway network conditions, performance, priority, and volume.

RailState provides visibility into issues at the edge. Our network of sensors gather the passing time, direction, speed, and type of each train, and our business intelligence tools allow us to organize, track, and report real-time data across the railway network.

The result? More information, which means less time and money lost.

Do you know what’s up ahead? With RailState, you will.

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