When it comes to Class I railroads, there are a few metrics used to report performance, and Supply Chain Dive broke them down recently: speed, dwell time, and cars online. Shippers depend on these metrics to understand what’s happening to their shipments en route.

Speed is a system-wide measurement that measures the distance between terminals.

Dwell is the time (in hours) a car stays at one location, from arrival to departure.

Cars online is the total number of cars on tracks, at customer locations, or in yards (not in storage).

These measures are crucial for shippers; and yet, you’ll notice all three of them are system-wide, and not in real-time. This report — which was last updated on May 27th, 2022 — shows data spanning from July 2017, to December 2021, meaning the most recently-reported data is still six-months old. How, then, is a shipper supposed to understand the moment-by-monment network conditions under which trains are operating?

RailState is the ONLY Real-Time Rail Visibility Platform (RTRVP) that delivers unbiased, third-party data on freight railway network conditions, performance, priority, and volume. With our data, shippers have a clear picture of speed, dwell, and cars online. Our predictive analytics also give them an idea of what to expect, so they can change their shipping plans in the event of congestion and delays. Less time wasted, more money saved, and a more efficient Class I railroad.

Read the full article here.

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