Map of Canada with RailState locations identified

QUINCY, MA,  Dec. 6, 2022 / RailState is excited to announce that their network of sensors now covers all of Canada, spanning both CN and CP railways.

“We’re thrilled to have completed our Canadian network coverage. This marks a major step for RailState, as we can now see every train that travels along the CN and CP, allowing for overall network visibility. We’re excited to move forward with our US coverage,” said RailState CEO Jamie Heller.

RailState’s US coverage will begin in January, starting at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and working east.

RailState’s coverage of Canada’s major railways provides Canadian rail users with a complete view of the railway network. Before RailState, customers could track their own railcars but had no visibility into overall operations on the rail network. Now you can see every train in near real time, along with volume, congestion, priority, and transit time on every segment of the rail network in Canada.

RailState customers use the network data to plan shipments and modal choices, to avoid problem areas on the rail network. Informed with actual data on the rail network, they can have more productive discussions with their rail carriers about delays and issues. Those using railroad supplied cars like boxcars, flatcars, and gondolas now have a view on the entire flow of those cars, to identify and predict disruptions to their car supply multiple days in advance.

RailState customers make data-driven decisions that enable them to optimize the capacity supplied by the railways, resulting in more products shipped, more money made, and less time lost.

About RailState

RailState is the only unbiased, third-party, real-time measure of rail capacity and performance in North America. Their mission is to provide rail network transparency to all users so they choose rail first, benefitting both the supply chain and the environment. RailState’s unique data, produced from their sensor network utilizing AI, gives rail users the impartial insights they need to optimize their supply chain.

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