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RailState, the leader in rail network intelligence solutions, and the Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition, representing some of the largest Canadian and North American shippers from multiple resource-based commodity sectors, announced federal funding from the National Trade Corridors Fund for a joint rail visibility project.

The project “Western Canadian Rail Visibility and Metrics” was one of 19 digital infrastructure projects to receive funding from the National Trade Corridors Fund, a Government of Canada program that supports supply chain infrastructure projects throughout Canada.

Project details:

“This project will provide the Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition and its members with a digital tool that enhances the visibility of the Western Canadian rail network, benefiting stakeholders. By integrating data from coalition members and other sources, the platform will offer real-time reporting, forecasting, capacity analysis, and performance dashboards, empowering stakeholders with comprehensive insights.

Total project cost: $4,304,500
Eligible project costs: $3,904,500
Federal Contribution: $1,952,250
Recipient Contribution: $2,352,250

The project is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2026.”

David Montpetit, President of the Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition, celebrated the award, “We’re thrilled to receive this funding. Our members are some of the most forward-thinking, data-driven shippers in Canada. The comprehensive insights derived from this project will improve asset utilization, facilitate contingency planning, and enhance resilience within key corridors. This will give shippers a unique competitive advantage in global markets and support the Canadian supply chain.”

John Schmitter, RailState’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, said of the project, “The Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition was an early supporter of RailState and we’re thrilled to expand that partnership with this project. The rail network insights developed through this project will not only benefit Coalition members but will have expanded impact across the region’s supply chain.”

About RailState: RailState is the only independent, real-time measure of rail capacity and performance in North America. With a network of AI-powered sensors that capture detailed information on train movements, RailState provides actionable insights and market intelligence that empower customers to optimize their supply chains, achieve policy and planning goals, and make more informed decisions.

About Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition: Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition (WCSC) represents western shippers who provide tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Canadians in communities across the west, ship billions of dollars’ worth of product annually, and spend more than $7+ billion on total transportation costs.Jul

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