Rail Network Snapshot: HAZMAT through Texas

RailState recently expanded into Texas and now collects real-time data on train movements through the state. 

Last month, RailState’s sensor network captured information on a couple thousand trains moving through Amarillo, Texas. As trains pass RailState’s AI-powered sensors, our system identifies HAZMAT placard numbers displayed on cars.

Below is a sampling of the most common hazardous materials RailState identified on those trains.

HAZMAT moving through Amarillo, Texas. Ethanol. Diesel fuel. Liquefied petroleum gas.

Despite the public interest, state and municipal agencies have not had access to detailed data about hazardous materials moving through their jurisdictions. This information can help policymakers and officials understand community risks, prepare and train for responses, and act decisively during incidents. 

With RailState’s rapidly expanding network in the U.S., insights into HAZMAT movements are becoming available for more communities every day. 

To learn more about how RailState can empower stronger public safety oversight in your community, reach out to contact@railstate.com or request a demo.

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