The past year saw an unprecedented number of disruptions to railroads in North America, thanks to wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and tornados. published statistics from News Wire, which put these damages into perspective. The wildfires and extreme washouts in Canada shut down huge portions of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific lines in British Columbia. With outages in more than 50 locations, Canadian National had to complete repairs in over 30 locations and move more than 150,000 cubic yards of earth, requiring time, money, and hundreds of workers.

Natural disasters may be part of life, but the time, money, and manpower they waste can be mitigated. The faster shippers can understand the extent of the damage and re-route, the less they — and their customers — suffer. RailState is crucial in situations like these. Using a real-time rail visibility platform like ours means receiving updates on the disruption to your specific trains; understanding the extent of the damage to the railroads; receiving insight into how your trains will be prioritized (if at all); and being able to alert your customers to potential slow-downs. If a flood or fire disrupts a line you rely on, you can count on RailState to let you know. Knowledge is power, and power allows you to keep moving forward.

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Image: Photo by Dan Loran on Unsplash.

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