Weekly Transit Data

The dataset linked in the buttons below is a summary of rail traffic detected by RailState’s national network of AI-backed sensors, as reported in Eastern Time. It shows a rolling 53 weeks of data from the most recent reporting period, reported once weekly, including:

  • Train Count: For train types broken down by Bulk, Intermodal, Manifest & Automotive, Other.
  • Speed: Average Speed and Standard Deviation Speed in miles per hour.
  • Region: Movements between two connecting regions (this is not an indication of the movement’s ultimate origin or destination on the rail network).
  • Cross-Border: Movements between points in Canada to/from the United States.

This public view does not include every rail line or route option between regions and does not contain any information specifying a single railway. See the definitions tab in the XLSX download for additional details about the dataset.

Real-time, non-aggregated data of the full network is available through a RailState subscription.

Download the Dataset:

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