What information does RailState provide re: capaci...

Right now, there’s a systemic rail failure across the west with regards to capacity. RailState can provide an estimate of capacity for trains per day over a specific segment of rail, and this information allows you to predict the types

I’m a shipper; what are the benefits of RailStat...

Say you’re a shipper who ships grain, and you’re wondering where your shipment is located. Railways can only tell you so much — “there’s some congestion, everyone is experiencing delays” etc. With RailState, you’ll be able to understand specifics about

What information do RailState’s sensors capture?

Our sensors gather the passing time, direction, speed, and type of each train. Our business intelligence tools allow us to organize, track, and report this real-time data across the railway network. They also allow you to query, report, and analyze

What is Rail Visibility?

Rail network visibility is the ability to see the network as a whole — where all of the trains in a region are located, how they’re moving, and where there are slow-downs. Every mode of transportation has a way to

When was RailState founded and why?

RailState was founded in 2018, to address a major gap in the railroad industry — network visibility.

Who does RailState serve?

We serve rail shippers, governments, ports and terminals, commodity traders, financial analysts, consultants, and more.

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